Water waste in the traditional car washes

Car wash is the need of every vehicle owner, but traditional means of car wash are resulting in water wastage. Bringwash is playing its role in conserving water.

Water waste in the traditional car washes

Every car owner can relate with the painstaking sight of excessive water waste as depicted by a car service station. Although car wash is a necessity, thousands of gallons of water are wasted every year simply because of careless car wash techniques. Today, car detailing service providers are more focused on cleaning every nook of your vehicle than paying attention to water conservation. Since we all live in a shared community, responsible car owners, and car wash service providers ought to play a role in water conservation for the planet’s sustainability.

Machine and high-pressure commercial car wash

Most of the commercial cars servicing platforms do not pay much attention to water conservations. Although high-pressure machine and tunnel car wash are a great way to save time and improve efficiency, hundreds of gallons of water are wasted in a single day because of these techniques. For instance, a regular tunnel car washes wastes as much as 30 gallons of water per vehicle. Similarly, self-washing of cars wastes a whooping 200 gallons of water with every wash. These figures are evidence that you cannot rely on traditional means for a sustainable car wash. You need to hire BringWash experts.

Bringwash introduces sustainable car wash!

Considering the rampant issue of water loss because of conventional car wash services, Bringwash brings an innovative solution to this problem. Our team is dedicated to serving the clients, and planet earth are the most affordable, sustainable, and harmless ways possible. For every car wash, we can use as much as 0.5 liters of water only!

Here is how Bringwash is changing the face of commercial car wash services:

Water recycling

As an environment-friendly car wash service provider, we tend to recycle most of the products and water being used for a car wash. Apart from paying attention to reducing water wastage as much as possible, Bringwash uses sustainable car wash techniques to reduce water waste.

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