Bringwash mälardalen

The new stars of Bringwash

Filip Kempe and Adam Söderberg have recently become part of Bringwash’s continued growth journey. Only two weeks ago, they opened up the gates to the company’s first independent partner company in the Swedish city Västerås.

Right from the start, they have shown a strong corporate spirit and a great interest in Bringwash’s concept for an environmentally friendly vehicle wash.

Starting up a new business in a completely new market is often challenging, but in a short period of time they have already managed to attract large corporate customers in Västerås along with the surrounding areas. They would soon have to overlook the possibilities of recruiting new employees.

From this day forth you will see these two happy guys rolling around in the area of Mälardalen in Sweden in their fully electric and equipped Bringwash vehicle. It’s a big step towards the future of Bringwash’s way of transportation!

Bringwash is truly proud of their successful business launch and looks forward to their journey ahead.

For new customers

Bringwash automates vehicle washing and facilitates vehicle maintenance for both companies and individuals through our on-site vehicle care solution.

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