About Bringwash

What is Bringwash?

Bringwash is the car wash that comes to you and wash your vehicle right where it’s parked.

What's the story behind Bringwash?

Bringwash started its business in the region of Skåne, Sweden. The business has grown rapidly since the beginning and is today delivering services in Sweden and Denmark.

How does it work?

How does Bringwash wash the vehicles?

Bringwash apply a car wash foam that dissolves dirt and grime from your vehicle’s surface. Next, we use our special microfiber towels to whisk away the foam and dirt. Our tailored process is safe, easy, and scratch-free.

Is it environmental friendly?

Bringwash use only environmental certified car washing detergents, to prevent hazardous chemicals to reach our waters nor harm the user.

Is the washing process legal?

The process is legal and Bringwash has been inspected by environmental legal  experts to ensure that the business is sustainable and not violating any environmental laws.

Who washes the vehicles?

Bringwash has an internal training program for new employees to ensure high quality in their work.

What does Bringwash do with the water?

Bringwash use a minimal amount of water to wash a vehicle. There is no water waste or dirt around the vehicle when the car wash is done.

How does Bringwash handle the dirty microfiber towels?

Considering that the paintwork of the vehicle attracts a lot of dangerous dirt, it is important to handle any dangerous particles the right way. Bringwash use a environmental friendly laundry facility that take care of hazardous waste the correct way.


How does the booking work?

The car wash booking process is simple. We have created a booking form that is easy to fill in and order a car wash on demand, at your location.

What type of vehicles can Bringwash wash?

We are washing all different types of vehicles to our partners. Cars, trailers, busses and motorcycles etc.

What kind of washing packages do you offer?

We offer both interior and exterior washes of the vehicles, depending on your needs. We do additional services as well.

Partner with Bringwash

How do we become partners with Bringwash?

Contact us and tell us more about your current vehicle situation and we will be happy to help you from there.

How fast can we get going?

It depends on the amount of vehicles and what type of solution you want.

I have more questions, when and where can I contact you?

Contact us during work days between 7 a.m and 6 p.m.

Call us: +46 622 95 54


Email us: support@bringwash.se