What we do

We are changing the car wash industry

Cross a routine item off your to-do list by using Bringwash’s car wash service. Let us take care of your car for you so that you can enjoy your free time. With the simple click of a button, we come and wash your car (at whatever location works best for you) while you save your valuable time.

Our amazing foam

Bringwash applies an eco-friendly, pH-balanced and protective foam to your vehicle’s surface. The foam begins to dissolve dirt and grime after 3-4 minutes, making it easy and safe to remove with our special microfiber towels. The white foam also contains high quality wax that gives your car a shiny and protected surface.

Saving water & reducing

Considering there are approximately a billion car washes on the streets of Europe each year, our water supplies contain hard, biodegradable substances. By using Bringwash’s car wash service, you help to reduce the environmental footprint of a traditional car wash, saving up to 99% of water.

Save Water

No harmful Chemicals

CO2 friendly